Vietnam and ASEAN countries are large and developing markets for the transport engineering industry, but the reality is that there are no enterprises capable of competing with the international market, mainly just small and medium enterprises with many difficulties in technology, production, finance... 


Why ? 
 For lack of LINK to create Power - that is the biggest cause. 
 ASEAN COMPANY established with the motto POWER OF LINKS to connect and promote discrete resources, create a strong support system, improve efficiency, competitiveness and sustainable development. The objective of the first stage is to develop production to contribute to improving the capacity to meet the needs of the domestic semi-trailer market, reducing dependence on imported products from China. The second phase goal is to develop production and exports throughout the ASEAN region to help ASEAN become self-sufficient in this product. 
 From that enthusiasm, a team of experienced experts and entrepreneurs from Southeast Asian countries in the fields of mechanics, transportation, logistics, trade, finance... have joined hands to build ASEAN Company. 


In order to contribute to the process of industrialization and modernization of the country, each enterprise needs to have a deployment direction that best suits its conditions.
 ASEAN COMPANY is gradually creating a link of mutual benefit in the production and supply of mechanical products (semi-trailers, trailers, home-mobile, dump trailers (dumping trailers, moving floor), garbage compactors, tank trailer, hydraulic equipment and other mechanical products for the transport industry, agriculture, forestry, forestry, and industrial sectors,…


From those goals, ASEAN Company has created a production and consumption network in four ASEAN countries, providing the market with hundreds of semi-trailer products with Vietnamese brands that meet international quality standards. continue to develop the network in the remaining ASEAN countries . 
 With enthusiastic dedication, integration vision, professionalism and business ethics, we have initially established links and cooperation with partners in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar... to provide and distribute transportation mechanical products and spare parts at the most competitive prices for the regional market. 
 Our next link could be YOU, with the desire to cooperate to create the interconnected strength of ASEAN.





Connecting the resources of mechanical, transport and logistics enterprises across the continent to have a strong, efficient and sustainable system.



As an effective partner of mechanical transport engineering, logistics in ASEAN