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Asean Company "Joining Hands to Support the People Affected by Salinity in the Mekong Delta"

In this year’s drought season, the Mekong Delta region faces one of its greatest challenges: a shortage of clean water. Initially, this thirst seemed temporary, but it has unexpectedly persisted, pushing the limits of resilience for our fellow citizens.

We cannot remain idle.

The ASEAN water tank trailers are currently distributing water to smaller vehicles.

The local residents are collecting water with the assistance of Buddhist monks and devotees.

For many years, the people of the Mekong Delta have provided us with the enjoyment of rice, fruits, seafood, ornamental plants, hospitality, and sincerity...

We, as the ASEAN company, specialize in various products, including water tank trailers; while JIT Company focuses on logistics, transportation, and delivery. We have decided to use our expertise and heartfelt service to share as a token of appreciation with the community.

And thus, the "Water Tank of Love" trucks set forth.

Each ASEAN Water Tank Trailer carries 40m3 of clean water to the designated point, Truong Dinh Temple, Go Cong, Tien Giang, under the efficient coordination of JIT Company.

The 40m3 tank trailers from ASEAN company.

Love and compassion naturally radiate. Local authorities, volunteer groups, religious organizations, and charitable water trucks stationed nearby... all collaborated to ensure that the water of goodwill reached every small alley where the tank trailers couldn't access, delivering water to every household.

Though the supply of cool water might not be sufficient for everyone's comfort, the warmth of heart knows no bounds. The genuine smiles of the recipients make even the scorching sun more bearable for the familiar office employees from ASEAN and JIT Companies.

The water distribution system in the program.

JIT employees are currently participating in distributing water to households.

The residents are actively contributing to transporting water to areas experiencing shortages.

Meaningful activities contribute to the shared effort of distributing water.

You are encouraged to join this program by contacting us so that your benevolent intention can be swiftly and effectively realized.

Asean Company - Hotline: 0946980015

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