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Our Corporate Values

Linking Power:

Cooperation, solidarity to create the power of Chopstick Bundle - that is the power that any nation in the world hold at high esteem. This strength is greater than a simple arithmetical sum.


External views:

Putting heart and mind far beyond the limits and differentiation (Enterprise, Nation, Private Interests...) towards common and sustainable interests and welfare...



Continuous improvement towards the new and the improved... Respecting the old paths, but always finding a new way, new look, new dimensions, new space...

Dare of change:

Dare to realize creative ideas, to give them a way to serve all the mankind, supporting progressive change.

Spirit of service:

Uphold throughout spirit as an ultimate mission - ASEAN CORP. is born to serve humanity - and the world in general.

Community Responsibility:

By the spirit of service and thinking about the community, the responsibility is a certainty. Community is a part of humanity, there fore community is the objects of service.


For the green environment:

Serving the world towards sustainable development must be stable. Major responsibility would be on natural environment, keeping green the living creatures... In each action, each production products, each project from ASEAN CORP.