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About us

Viet Nam and other Asean countries are a vast, developing market for mechanics and transportation field. However, there has never been any company having sufficient competitive strength to face with international rivals. The major players are SMEs which undergo technological, manufacturing and financial difficulties.


Because these SMEs are in short of synergy strength for a better competitiveness. That is the main reason.
Asean Mechanical Technology Corporation (AMT) was established with the maxim of synergy power which aims at connecting and encouraging the scattering resources in order to set up a strong supporting system, accelerating the efficacy and competitiveness and long-term development.

From that enthusiasm an mindset, a group of experienced businessmen and experts on mechanics, technology, transportation, trading and finance in South East Asia have jointly established AMT.

AMT has gradually created mutually beneficial connection in manufacturing and distributing mechanical products as semi-trailers, trailers, mobile homes, dumping trailer, moving floors, waste carriers, tankers, hydraulic vehicles for forestry, agriculture, industry and ecology all over Asian countries.

With serving enthusiasm, vision of unity, professional and ethical spirit, we have created linkages and cooperation chances with Cambodian, Laotian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai and Myanmar colleagues to provide and distribute mechanical products and accessories at most competitive prices for regional markets.

Our next linkage will be you, yourself, with highest desire for cooperation aiming at the linking power for ASEAN.

Power of Link - LINKING POWER


Connecting and escalating the scattering resources of enterprises and firms in transportation, logistics in ASEAN block to form up  a highly effective, satisfactorily competitive and eternally  developing system.


To be the most favorite partner of companies and firms in the field  of transportation and logistics in Asean block.